Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have you lost your marbles?

This summer Nannu gave Max a gift of a marble maze construction toy.  How else to explain it? You stack up the chutes and channels to make a run for the marbles.  Well, we play with it every day.  Rich wanted me to leave it in the US but I was convinced Max would pine for it.

I like the following picture because it shows Rich covered in calamine lotion from bug bites likely from the notorious bedbug experience at our shore house on Long Beach Island.  A most uncomfortable end to a nice vacation. 

Oh, and the blocks are also handy for stacking and making a place for the Cars to rest.

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Apuch said...

Ouch on the bed bugs. One of those bad experiences with no real lessons.

I am glad you took the toy back with you. Max looks like he really loves it. I had a plastic version of this when I was his age or a bit older and I remember loving the game and the mystic of it. The wood version looks cool.